We Support 

Wolseley Private Equity is proud to support the Inspire Foundation, Redkite, The Jane Goodall Institute, University of Western Sydney Foundation and SURPASS.


Helping millions of young people lead happier lives

The Inspire Foundation was established in 1996 in direct response to Australia's then escalating rates of youth suicide. The Inspire Foundation combines technology with the direct involvement of young people to deliver innovative and practical online programs that prevent youth suicide and improve young people's mental health and wellbeing.




Redkite is an Australian charity that supports children, young people and their families through cancer by providing emotional support, financial assistance and educational services. With the continuing support of the community, Redkite aims to further expand its services in order to offer equality of care and support to all Australian families coping with childhood cancer.



The Jane Goodall Institute recognises the interconnectedness of all people, animals and their environment promoting informed and compassionate action to improve the environment shared by all of Earth's living creatures. The Jane Goodall Institute Australia, founded in 2006 is part of a global nonprofit organisation which supports conservation programs for Great Apes and sustainable community centred conservation practices in the indigenous communities of over six African countries. Through its global educational program called Roots & Shoots, it supports thousands of children around the world in their desire to make a positive difference.



Through sustained partnerships between the University, the community and the world of business, the UWS Foundation aims to support educational and regional development by raising funds to support important projects such as scholarships, prizes, research, teaching positions, academic programs and teaching facilities.



Through a range of networking and mentoring activities, SURPASS exists to cultivate off-field success for present and past players of Sydney University Football Club. SURPASS aims to be a 'bridge' for players from rugby to a business career. SURPASS stands for Sydney University Rugby Players Association for Securing Success.