Our Investment Approach 

 Wolseley’s investment strategy is focused on growth. We pursue investment opportunities where our team can add value through our knowledge, skills and capabilities in co-operation with the company’s management team. Our value creating involvement includes:

  • Focus on Strategy - Successful strategies implemented by Wolseley include roll-up industry consolidation strategies, roll-outs of successful business models to provide wider geographic coverage and large-step operating improvements.
  • Hands-on operating approach - Wolseley brings a first-rate skill set to mid-market companies. We have one of the largest and most experienced investment teams in the Australasian mid-market with 19 years relevant experience on average
  • Partner with experienced owners and management - Wolseley partners with experienced owners and management. We adopt a true partnership approach and ensure that incentives are aligned to a successful exit in keeping with a target return.
  • Deal structuring creativity and tailored solutions - Wolseley has developed distinctive capabilities
    in negotiating and structuring transactions in the mid-market. Wolseley prefers a straight forward transaction but can accommodate difficult or complex deals and often seeks creative and tailored solutions.
  • Providing capital for growth - Wolseley is well regarded by financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand. We work with these institutions to provide capital to implement the growth strategies of our companies.

Wolseley believes in building sustainable businesses by adopting ESG (Enviromental, Social and Governance) standards in all our investments.